NAnowrimo first week wrap-up

This is the first year (I've participated 9 times before) that I'm writing 2 projects at the same time.

Last cycle, during Camp Nanowrimo, I wrote my first Contemporary Romance, called Regrowth and Refinement, which is a combination of super fluffy cuteness and pure angst. I've had it described as "cute and fun" despite some of the darker mystery elements, so I consider that one a win.

This month, I'm writing the sequel, Heritage and Harmony, in which the hero and heroine, who have decided to marry in spite of the heroine's health issues and emotional scars, must face something more frightening than finding the corpse of the heroine's older sister on the premises of her family's vineyard: the hero's mother.

When I was already a few days in, the plan was going well. I was going chapter by chapter as I had outlined... until a couple days ago when I woke up early with the urge to write a dark vampire romance. A pair of humans this time, except that the heroine is struggling to claw her way out of the vampire underworld before she is turned into one. I'm thinking I'll go for bittersweet semi-tragedy. I wanted a dark monster hunting series, anyway!

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