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New Series Alert!

My working cover.

What do you get when you combine Sailor Moon, Mean Girls and Game of Thrones? My new series, Relics of Hespharia, is an attempt to find out!

Based on the Reconquista conflict in Spain, I pit magical fantasy Spaniards against a dwarven civilization intent on stamping

out them and their magic. Enter a group of five princesses, each destined to thwart the dwarven plot to subjugate their land and turn as many people into cyborgs as they can along the way. If only all five of them could get along!

The series leans further to the girl drama scale and incorporates the Mahou Shoujo "Friendship is power" message above the grittier elements of Game of Thrones, but the overall effect is to explore political fantasy with a few quirky feminine elements.

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