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New Name and Series

For the past year, I have undertaken the task of completing a full contemporary romance series set in an Italian vineyard.

There are currently five volumes, with a planned two freebie prequel books for a total of seven books in the series.

Because this series has nothing to do with my subgenre fantasy books, I have been considering a division into a new brand and pseudonym. I plan to go by the pseudonym Arianna Beall, a mix of Italian and Scottish that is a somewhat humorous play on the themes in this series.

My premise for this series is thus:

An American man who is running from the shame of his past takes a job in an Italian vineyard to help himself heal and prove himself. He encounters a beautiful but mysterious heiress whose entire family died under mysterious circumstances. A cloud of suspicion surrounds her, but he will do what it takes to unveil the truth about her and in the process find peace with his own past.

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